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North Country Brewing Co. is where Bilbo Baggins would hang out on a Saturday night. It screams whimsical creativity inside and out, with its ambiance, handcrafted beer and food.

The building itself has been around since the early 1800s and has served the people of Slippery Rock, PA as an inn, county morgue and now a microbrewery / restaurant.

Owners, Bob and Jodi McCafferty began renovating the old storefront (mostly with recycled wood) in 1988 and to this day it continues to evolve, quite literally taking on a life of its own. Throughout the entire facility, you can find hidden faces, gnomes, fairies and even a very hard to find howling dog secretly carved into the woodwork.

The North Country philosophy of “a little earth” is evident within every aspect of the place from environmentally conscious brewing practices to the “Polish the Rock” initiative started by Bob McCafferty to keep Slippery Rock clean.

North Country plans on expanding the brewery and even making their beer available in cans soon. We can’t wait. Words cannot do this place justice. We took some great shots of the brewery/restaurant, but in order to get the full experience, you have to just check it out for yourself.

By Shannon Baldridge – July 15, 2011
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North Country Brewing was founded in the belief of "a little earth."
Where the breeze of a butterfly's wing in Asia can be felt on the cool waters of Slippery Rock Creek. We strive to be a steward of our environment and a help to our neighbors, believing that acts of kindness have a rippling effect like a stone tossed into a still pond. In support of this belief, we strive to foster that which is good in life.

The select grains and fruits obtained from local sources, as well as the hops imported in from Great Britain, are returned back to the local environment as a delicious feed for cattle. As the community enjoys our handcrafted brews free of preservatives and additives, local cows also benefit from the spent grains that they find readily digestible. At NCB, we eliminate the need for bottles and other wasteful containers by offering our product 10 feet away from it's source in a pint glass, or in reusable returnable jugs for take out.

Our volunteer efforts continue to grow, just as time itself continues forward. We are an active member of the Rock chapter of the North Country Trail and have adopted the State Game Land 95 section of the trail. We have also adopted the veterans' Memorial Garden in downtown Slippery Rock and assist Slippery Rock University in keeping the park clean and well maintained.

"Polishing the Rock"

Bob McCafferty and the crew at North Country Brewing Co. have been improving the quality of life within the Slippery Rock area by coming up with inventive ways to keep the community thriving and clean. After developing the concept of what Bob coined "Polish the Rock", he went on to coordinate and fund the clean-up day idea. Several volunteers supported the idea and the first "Polish the Rock" was held. Volunteers which included local residents, business owners, SRU students and faculty cleaned Main Street to include fresh mulch in the planters. NCB invited all volunteers for soup and beverages for their efforts.

Designated days of the year are set aside to continue to "Polish the Rock". With the continuing efforts of the people who participate in each event, Slippery Rock residents and visitors will enjoy a clean and beautiful environment.

NCB would like to thank all who have participated and welcome them again. Stop by our Events Page to see when the next "Polish the Rock" is scheduled!

An exerpt from a article in the Tribune Review By Joan Greene
Sunday, October 7, 2007

"The changes and improvements along Main Street have really brought the town around," says McCafferty, a member of the redevelopment committee. Once a month, local residents volunteer their time "polishing the rock," by picking up litter, pulling weeds and doing other general maintenance of the borough, he says.

The microbrewery draws visitors to Slippery Rock from throughout Pennsylvania, says North Country general manager Keith Kolarosky, of Slippery Rock. "Microbreweries are popular and the restaurant helps bring people into town. The redevelopment has made the town look much nicer and now offers more to do," he says.